Why do I need MyNotes Medical?

Attention: Better notes can lead to better health!

You may know for yourself the confusion and stress that can occur when you visit your GP or consultant and;

  • You don’t recall all of the things you meant to tell or ask your GP or consultant.
  • Their questions remind you of only some of the things you had felt you should tell or ask them.
  • They make their best guess based on what you do recall and what is observable at the moment.
  • You don’t understand everything that the GP or consultant is saying to you.
  • You consequently find it difficult to recall or refer to your diagnosis properly or to the treatment prescribed.
  • Perhaps, as a result, you have to make several appointments that could have been avoided.
  • Perhaps too, as a result, it takes too long to arrive at the correct diagnosis and treatment.

If only enough information could be available to you, your family, your GP and consultant at the right time.

The problem is a breakdown in record keeping and communication between everyone involved.

Would you feel better if you could easily record all your notes and always have them to hand to review and share?

Yes! That is why Your Children, Your Siblings, Your Spouse, Your Parents, Your Carers and You need MyNotes Medical.