Meet the founders

We each have a personal experience where poor communication had a major consequence in medical care and wanted to do something to stop it happening to others. We have teamed up to combine our 40 years of professional experience in business and organisational development, marketing, communication, app and web design, and technology solutions to manage the project from concept through launch to a national program for patients across the UK.

Joanna Slater – Founder, marketing, and social media
When my mother had a hip operation and later fell ill, I started writing notes as a reminder of all the things that were happening to her. Gradually those notes became a blog. The Mail on Sunday picked up on my story and published extracts from my notes, then everything changed for me.

I received 1000’s of emails from people saying they wished they had taken notes and the difference it would have made. Using some of their stories and my own, I self-published a book “The Last Six Months” and continued to expand my blog to raise awareness of the importance of getting involved in medical care.

I am committed to the cause of improving patient care and believe that MyNotes Medical will lead to more effective communication between patients, their carers, doctors, and physicians – the key to better treatment. I am on a quest to create a patient-led programme with Brad that will help everyone become more engaged in their medical care and be more effective in helping others.

Brad Meyer – co-founder, business, organisational and technical development
When my father went into the hospital, the matter-of-factness of his treatment was comforting. then it became disturbing as his health deteriorated. I felt he was seen as a number, a project, an experiment – but almost never as a person.

I wanted to intervene but I felt unsure how I could do so constructively. Despite my 25 years coaching others and managing systemic change using technology, I felt I could not make a positive impact. I did not understand the medical terminology, I could not talk to anyone properly about his condition. And I was left only able to care for my father emotionally as we watched him go.

Afterwards, I stepped back and began with Joanna to create MyNotes Medical to help others become engaged in their own medical care or the care of a loved one. So that they can do more than I was able to do for my father.