Q & A

Q Will each individual need to subscribe?  What about families with children?  What about under 18’s,      Elderly/Disabled in care?

A One member will be able to log in details about parents, children and disabled loved ones on their own membership ID to the app if they wish. 

Q Are you part of the NHS?

A No. But we have made sure that our app points you to the NHS information site. 

Q How secure and safe is my personal information on the MyNotes Medical app.

A The information is always secured with the member’s personal password and will be encrypted when synchronised with the user’s personal Google Drive account, so that the only person who can access the information is the member or carers that the member has given permission to. 

Q Would my personal information be shared?

A No, your information will never be shared. Our privacy policy makes clear that we will not use your data other than for the administration of the service and that we will not share your personal data with anyone else. If you choose to upload data to the program as provided by your GP or the NHS the same policy will apply.

Q Could information logged onto the MyNotes Medical app aid in a medical negligence claim?

A With MyNotes Medical’s robust record keeping, searching and sharing capabilities, “negligence” by anyone involved (including patients) is less likely, as what was actually said and done can be easily referenced at any time.

Q Do you collect information from NHS systems?

A No, information is only input by the member and tagged by the member to make it easy to find on the event log

Q – Do you provide medical information I can refer to?

A Yes, by providing you a direct link to the NHS Choices database.