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“In the context of the current healthcare setting we are all required to be partners in patient care. MyNotes Medical offers the opportunity for a streamlined cohesive approach to patient centred, and personalised care. As healthcare professionals we have a responsibility to support and advocate patient choice. This unique tool will enhance the patient experience and facilitate us in offering the best care that we can.” Elissa Bradshaw – Clinical Nurse Specialist St Marks Hospital

A great idea, Joanne, so good luck with it! Peter Serlin

Well done Joanna, wish I could pop more in  🙂 Daniel Sencier

A brilliant concept to help with managing all our health care issues. Thank you and will look forward to using it. Vanessa

Just backed MyNotes Medical. Wishing you all the best of luck that you meet your target. Paul Joel

A really great idea, to help us all make senses of the shock that sometimes we have to deal with. – Joceyne Lipman

It’s one thing to have an idea but another altogether to see it through. Wishing you much stamina for a very valuable citizen voice project. – phsothefacts

A much-needed initiative which will be a huge resource to all those trying to help care for someone or themselves. I wish I had had an app that worked like the proposed so I could have better supported my father when he was ill. There are many patients and families who don’t understand or remember or understand what’s been said about their conditions and this is a great step forward. Good luck! – frances-morley

Great idea who has the potential of changing the world of health care!!! Very inspiring project – Senni

My brain is a fuzzy mess when I’m sick, this would be so useful! What a great idea! – larissagrace

Best of luck to you and your campaign – Steven Katz

Wonderful idea. Wishing you all the luck in the world.- Karen & David Alembick

All the luck in the world is sent your way. – Marsha Vaknine

Wishing you every success with your project. – marcelg

2 thoughts on “Your Comments

  1. Josephine Needham says:

    A fantastic idea and cannot wait to start using the app for my health care issues

  2. Beverly Ashton says:

    Looking forward to using MyNotes Medical as I look after my mum and need to keep upto date with all her health care documents

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